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Why Palm Oil Free

People who care about the future of tropical rainforests, should be aware that the production of palm oil has been growing rapidly in past decennia and simultaneously vast forest areas have been eradicated. Palm oil is being processed [...]

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About The RSPO

Increasing concern of WWF about ceaseless deforestation, caused by the development of palm oil plantations, has instigated the stakeholders in the palm oil trade and processing industry to organize themselves in the RSPO.

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About Eco Palm Oil

Some companies claim processing so-called Eco palm oil. In most cases this palm oil originates from Colombia, which is actually dealing with similar problems as Indonesia and Malaysia with regard to the reliability of certification.

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Get The Trademark

By using this logo on your products you show the world you care about the protection of rain forests and wildlife. The logo Palm Oil Free is a registered trademark, which businesses can use actively in their marketing. Find out more about

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The story of Dennis

Dennis-augSaveDennis_Dennis is a tiny baby orangutan who was confiscated on February 21 2015 from an illegal trader. Dennis was torn away from the arms of his mother in sumatran forests and most probably his mother was brutally killed by palm oil workers.

Normally, Dennis would still be loved and cared for by his mother for at least another 6 years, gaining the skills and knowledge needed for an independent existence and the love needed for personal development. A mother orangutan will never let go of her baby without putting her own life at risk.

Palmoil plantations are developing rapidly for which primary rainforests are being destroyed and orangutans such as all other fauna and flora we can find only in these rich rain forests covering Indonesia are the victim.

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The story of Dennis

Dennis is a tiny baby orangutan who was confiscated on February 21 2015 from an illegal trader. Dennis was torn […]

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