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Jakarta Animal Aid Network will attend hearing on palm oil in European Parliament

European Parliament Palmoil smallIn the first half of 2016 a hearing in the European Union parliament will be held on the theme of palm oil. It is brought up by Kateřina Konečná, a Czech member of the European Union parliament. Main goal of this hearing is to start a debate on a European political level about palm oil. NGO representatives from all over the world are invited to give a presentation about their experiences and concerns about the palm oil industry.

Off course JAAN is prepared to participate in the meeting and give a presentation. We think it is urgent to act, as more and more forest disappears. Every year 1.000 orang-utans die due to the palm oil industry, without even mentioning all other animal species that become victim.

We see this European Union hearing as a great opportunity to introduce the devastating effects of palm oil production on the political level of the European Union and stimulate adequate legislation.