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Palm Oil Free certificate for Maza Mediterranean Delicacies

The Hague, October 12, 2016 –  Palm Oil Free Certification has issued a certificate to Maza Mediterranean Delicacies, a company  with Mediterranean products, such as falafel and salads. Maza proudly received the certificate. In addition, the brand may place the corresponding Palm Oil Free logo on its products.

“We are very happy that we were privileged to hand over our second certificate to Maza,” says Stéphanie Balfoort, chairman of JAAN Netherlands. “There is a lot of interest from the business society for the certificate. Fortunately, because of course our goal is that the business community will be switching to a more sustainable vegetable oil type.”

Palm Oil Free Certification is established to reduce the use of palm oil.  The rainforests are rapidly decreasing. The are being cut
down for the production of palm oil, despite the good attempts by multinationals to change this through their own RSPO they have set up. Therefor we decided to create a quality lable for palm oil-free producing brands. We would like to encourage consumers to consume palm oil-free as companies to produce palm oil-free products.